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Published: 25th September 2007
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Dropship Tricks and Starting a Successful Dropshipping Business:
If a customer doesn't receive a product they will look to you for answers. Perhaps the most difficult part in starting a drop ship business, is building the web site. If you have never built a web site before, it can be an overwhelming task. You must consider each detail, from deciding what software to use, to finding a host, and accepting payments. I recommend using osCommerce to build your online store. It is free software that can be modified to look like you want it to. There is an online knowledge base that can answer many of your questions about setting it up and configuring it, or you can let someone else set it up for you. Thousands of people are making money using the osCommerce, drop shipping combination. It is a powerful, inexpensive way to get your business started. I would suggest checking for your chosen item on eBay first to see what the competition is like. You then get access to the company's online catalogue which will usually have hundreds of items at discounted prices.

Drop Ship:
Usually wholesalers are very big companies and have thousands and thousands of products so they will most likely be able to dropship their products for you. After you have found the item that you want to sell, the second step is to list the item for sale. I use Ebay as the example, because I actually dropship items on Ebay. However, the site you use could be anyone that you want. As the matter of fact, Ebay has recently raised their fees so high that I am considering switching to Yahoo or some other site. I think that sometimes Ebay forgets about the "little guy" just trying to make a few hundred extra dollars a month. On the positive side, it is a good way to start your own business for very little money. If you haven't registered on Ebay, I recommend that you do so and familiarize yourself with the process of buying and selling items. Also see free vending machines wholesale websites books. Dropshipping allows you to turn into a real marketer without ever worrying about product storage packaging or shipping.

Here's a Dropshipping Insider Tip:

Dropshipping Tip: Follow up with your customers after the holidays are over to make sure they got what they ordered in the right sizes/colors etc. Make it easy for your customers to exchange items for the right sizes if they need to. This is just good customer service but can be hard to find online. make it easy for your customers and they will come back. See more at

50 shipping for an example. Many sellers on eBay also drop ship. Take a look at buy disney dropshipping dvd wholesale. You have made a profit, since you bought the item at wholesale, and sold it for much more!

You have probably also of people making millions via this online auction website people becoming full-time eBay sellers and using eBay as the sole source of their monthly income. Reputable dropship business solutions offer more than just wholesale sources and wholesalers' products. They also offer a complete customizable website plan, where they set up a website for you, but you choose the name of the site, the products you carry, and the prices you charge. In essence, you have your own online store, but you don't ever have to carry inventory, ship products, or deal with customer service issues. It may sound too good to be true, but the best companies provide customer support, capture the payments, and deposit the profits directly into your account. They also arrange for items to be shipped directly to your customers. I'm also going to explain the pros and cons of dropshipping What you need to do before even contacting your first supplier and how you can avoid the most common mistakes that beginners make.

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